Large Extruder & Discs

The I Dream in Soap Large extruder allows you to make stunning embeds for your cold process soaps. The extruder discs in this collection all fit the I Dream In Soap large extruder. The images you see below show just some of the discs available for each collection, please click on the images to see the full range offered for each collection.

EXtruder header.jpg
New header.jpg
Gnomes header.jpg
Animals header.jpg
Clothes header.jpg
Gardening  header.jpg
Spring Easter header.jpg
Things in the sky header.jpg
Fruit & veg header.jpg
Trees plants and flowers header.jpg
Shapes header.jpg
Other things header.jpg
Cars and tools header.jpg
Winter Christmas header.jpg
Halloween discs header.jpg
Valentines header.jpg
St Patricks header.jpg
Presents header.jpg
Everything header.jpg