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Large Extruder Body with Adapters

This adapter will allow you to use existing extruder discs with the large extruder.


If you are buying the large extruder an adapter will come as part of the purchase, therefore you only need to buy this if you require adapters for more than one size disc or you already own a sausage/caulk type gun and would like to use your existing discs.


The size of the adapter is 56mm, so please check the size of your extruder cap if you are buying this for an adapter other than the I Dream In Soap Large extruder.


Please select the adapter plate required from the drop-down menu by selecting the size that corresponds to the discs you wish to use in your extruder. Unsure which you need, take a look at the video just below the product image


Please note, this listing is for 1 adapter only, the first photograph shows the extruder gun and adapter plate and disc for illustration only.

Large extruder adapter


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