Soap Slab Cutter (UK Only)

UK Only

I am selling my slab cutter. It has been used three times and it's a really great cutter, the only reason I am selling it is that I have now got another cutter as well, so it's silly for me to have two.

This is beautifully made and works really well, you can see the great construction of this sturdy cutter from the 2nd photo. Loaves are cut evenly and the cutter can easily cut to any size with no awkward changing of wire heights etc.

The cost of the cutter if you buy it directly from the maker is £151.76, however, on top of that, you will need to pay shipping and taxes, bringing the cost to £234.54 (plus any duty and admin fees that would be charged on import). See 3rd photo showing price to pay at checkout from the original seller.

The listing direct from the maker is here

I have included a video above to show how the cutter works.

Shipping will be by UPS courier (UK only) and will cost £17.80, to be added to the purchase price.


Soap Slab Cutter (UK Only)