The CUBE - Cranberry relish

This soap is part of the new CUBE range. A selection of cool cube bars in a range of delightful fragrances. The design of this soap is created using the 'confetti soap' technique, where often old scrap soaps are shredded and used to make new soaps. The I Dream In Soap CUBES do not use old soap, each element of the soap is created freshly for each batch of cubes, to ensure a premium bar.


The CUBE bars are large bars of soap, weighing at least 155g each, but priced to allow you to try different fragrances. If you are unsure which fragrance to choose, or you would like a nice gift pack, why not choose the CUBE gift set, you will find that here.


Scent Notes:

Cranberry Relish - a wonderfully fresh, tart cranberry fragrance, a great scent all year round, a customer favourite.



All of my luxury soaps are vegan and palm free, rich in Shea butter, Olive oil and Cocoa butter to make your skin feel wonderful after washing.


Olive Oil (sodium olivate), Coconut Oil (sodium cocoate), Shea Butter (sodium shea butterate),Glycerin, Aqua, Avocado Oil (sodium avocadoate), Cocoa Butter (sodium cocoa butterate), Rice Bran Oil (sodium ricebranate), Castor Oil (sodium Castorate), Parfum, Sodium Lactate, Sucrose, CI(19140,77019,77491,77492,77891) Polyester 3, Benzyl benzoate,limonene,Coumarin,Citronellol


Each soap is lovingly hand crafted and hand cut, therefore each bar will be slightly different. The weight you see listed below is the minimum weight of the soap you will receive. It may be more, but won't be less.


Min weight 155g. Price is for 1 bar of soap


The CUBE - Cranberry relish

  • Each bar of soap is cured for a minimum of 6 weeks to ensure it is gentle on our skin and will last as long as possible.

    Cold process soap does not last well if left sitting in water, therefore to ensure your soap lasts a long time please keep it on a draining soap dish or soap holder