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About me

Hi, my name's Lisa,

Welcome to I Dream In Soap.

I'm passionate about cold process soap making. A well-crafted bar of soap is beautiful, nourishing and a pleasure to use every single time you pick it up.

I'm also passionate about learning, the science behind soapmaking fascinates me. How soap behaves, how you can manipulate it, how it reacts under certain conditions (not always nicely). Every time I consider a soap I'm making I'm always thinking why does that happen? what if you did this? how could that be better? Sometimes I wake up in the night because I've worked something out in my sleep (it seems that way), hence the name 'I Dream in Soap'

My other passion is helping and inspiring others. I believe that everyone should be proud of the soaps they make, you know the ones you keep going in to have a look at as they're sitting on the curing rack. That's why I try to give lots of hints and tips in all my videos and have produced a range of videos explaining the How & why of several soapy subjects (I intend to keep adding to these).

Beautiful soap makes people smile

Happy soaping


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