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Images of soap and soap making tools
Three designs of wax melts for home fragrance
Scrapers, moulds and extruder discs for soapmaking
Stack of handmade bath bubble bars in yellow and green
 Examples of luxury handmade soap with penguins
Examples of soap made from salt bar recipes
Surplus oils, fragrances, moulds etc for sale

SHIPPING OUTSIDE THE UK - READ THIS Purchases sent outside the UK may incur tax/customs charges, you are responsible for paying for these and should check out any likely charges before placing an order. Further details can be found in the 'Tax & Customs' link at the bottom of the page   Europe - Due to changes in legislation after Brexit, I Dream In Soap is unable to sell cosmetic products to Europe. A cosmetic product is classed as something design to be used to come in contact with the skin (soap, bubble bars etc). Any cosmetic products added to orders with European delivery addresses will have these items removed and refunded, the rest of the order will be sent. This only applies to cosmetic products, other items such as soapmaking tools and wax melts are OK and will be shipped.

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