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Deliveries outside the UK

TAX & Customs

All countries have different regulations concerning tax and import duties. It is your responsibility to check these regulations out and make sure you are aware of any extra charges that may be added when a parcel arrives in your country. I Dream In Soap has no control over these charges and will not alter documents to fraudulently avoid charges. Please make sure you are aware of any charges that may be imposed in your country and consider these in your overall cost of purchase.

Deliveries to Europe / EU


From July 1st 2021 VAT (Tax) must be paid on all goods imported to the EU from the UK. The previous exemption limit has been removed, meaning all goods will be subject to this tax charge. Tax will need to be paid on the total price of the parcel, including delivery.

Some businesses will be adding this tax charge to the price of the goods at checkout, which makes it easier for you to see the total cost of your goods, however, I Dream In Soap will not be doing this (the reason is explained below) and therefore you will need to ensure that you are aware of the extra charges you will need to pay before your parcel will clear customs in your country and be delivered to you. Tax of around (depending on the country) 20% will be added to your total purchase price, you may have to pay other taxes as well, therefore please do an internet search to check these charges out BEFORE placing your order, so that you are completely happy with the cost to you. 

Why is I Dream In Soap not adding the tax at checkout?

I would love to be able to do this, as it would make the purchase process easier. However, the scheme to do this only covers parcels up to a maximum of 150 Euros (including shipping costs), parcels above this amount can not use the scheme and tax will need to be paid when the parcel reaches customs in the local country in the same way as they did before 1 July.

At I Dream in soap we send out just as many parcels below 150 Euros and we do above that limit. Therefore we feel it would be confusing if some parcels had tax applied and some didn't. So we have taken the decision that all parcels will be treated the same to avoid confusion.


Cosmetic products are anything intended to come into contact with the skin (Soap, serums, bubble bars, bath bombs)

Since Brexit, the UK cosmetic laws mean that cosmetic products made in the UK cannot be sold to EU countries (or any country following EU cosmetic regulations). The only way this is legally allowed is if the seller of  has a 'responsible person' living in the EU as all cosmetics must be listed on the EU cosmetic portal. Therefore as I Dream In Soap is based totally in the UK, it would be illegal to sell cosmetic products to the EU. Any orders containing these will have them removed and refunded, the rest of the order will be sent. 

Please note - it is perfectly fine to buy wax melts, soap tools, mould, extruders, scrapers etc these can be purchased and will be delivered as normal.

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