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Two examples of handmade soap embeds created from Bald Eagle embed mould

This mould could be used to produce an amazing Bald Eagle as shown in the images or turned into other birds as required.


The mould clearly shows the bird shape on the outside so that you know which way round your mould is once you have started pouring your soap and the location of the eye is marked on the inside of the mould to help with alignment.


There are a few options for this mould so that you can buy the elements you need:

Full set - this will include the embed mould a set of scrapers to shape the beak and feathers and an extruder disc for the eye. You will need to select the extruder discs size required when placing your order.

Mould and scrapers - this will include the embed mould and scrapers but NOT the extruder disc for the eye. If you do not have an extruder tool you can create an eye without one by rolling and shaping soap dough.

Mould only - this will just be the mould for you to use as you like, it will NOT include the scrapers or eye extruder disc. 


The mould comes with instructions and advice on pouring amounts


The mould will produce an embed 32cm (12.5 inches) long, allowing trimming to fit the most popular size loaf moulds.


This mould is made with platinum cured silicone to ensure excellent heat resistance, no shrinkage and a long life.


Suitable for both cold process and melt and pour soaps.


All moulds sold by I Dream in Soap are protected by copyright. the mould can be used to make soaps both for personal use and for sale, however, the mould itself cannot be copied / replicated without the express permission of I Dream in soap.

Bald Eagle embed mould


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