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Dish Soap Recipe

This is a recipe to make solid dish soap with citric acid and soap nuts to help with lather and lessen soap scum. The soap nuts are not essential, I explain how to use them or what to do if you want to leave them out in the recipe.

This is a recipe only, it is not to purchase soap.

This recipe is vegan and palm free.


The recipe will be available to download after payment has been made.  There will be a download link in your purchase confirmation and you will also receive an email. Click the link to download your recipe. The link will remain active for 30 days after purchase.


This recipe  includes a list of ingredients needed to make this soap. It contains detailed instructions on how to make the soap and is accompanied by a tutorial video available on YouTube using this  link


You should be familiar with making cold process soap before making these salt bars, instructions are included but a good working knowledge of cold process soap making is assumed. Please do not buy this recipe if you have not made cold process soap before.


Ingredients used : Coconut Oil, Citric Acid, Soap Nuts, NaOH (Lye), Fragrance/essential oil if desired. I do give advice on adjustments that you can make in the recipe in the instructions if you would like to change anything to make the bars unique to you.


If you are in the UK or Europe and wish to sell soaps made using this recipe you will need to adhere to the detergent regulations and carry out detergent testing in your own name, as this soap is classed as a detergent rather than a cosmetic.  The purchase of this recipe does not give you a CPSR (not relevant here) or any approval to sell as a dish doap/detergent. The aim ofthis recipe is for you to use as at home for yourself, not to sell. If you do wish to sell soap made from this recipe it is your responsibility to ensure you comply with all UK/EU regulations.


This recipe is the property of I Dream In Soap, you can buy it on the condition that you will use it to make soap for your own use or to sell (if you are in a country that allows sale without certification), you may not share or sell the recipe.


Dish Soap Recipe


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