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Which Extruder discs should you buy?

If you own the I Dream In Soap large extruder all of the discs in the large extruder range will fit the extruder. You can also use discs that are the same size as the adapter you selected when buying the large extruder, for example if you bought the 23mm adapter you can use all of the discs in the 23mm range.


To be certain of buying the right extruder discs please measure your existing discs carefully in MMS (millimetres), inches are not accurate enough and any conversion is unlikely to be successful especially when you consider there is just a 1mm difference between some discs.

The main extruders are as follows (but, please still measure your discs to make sure)

FIMO - This extruder comes in two sizes. The one that holds the 23 mm discs is in my opinion the best extruder to buy. The larger size of the discs allows more possibilities. FIMO also make an extruder that holds the same discs as the Makins extruder, these discs are smaller, you will need the 18mm discs for this extruder.

Makins, Walnut Hollow (and many varieties sold on Amazon) - these typically take the 18mm discs, although, please measure 1st.

Walnut Hollow extender - if you have one of the smaller extruders and would like the wider range of option you can get with a larger extruder, the Walnut Hollow extruder adapter will allow you to use bigger discs. Please be aware that even though the instructions on this extender says the discs are 23mm they are not, the measurement in the instructions is not correct. You will need 24mm discs for this extender

If you are unsure about measuring your discs, just send me details of your extruder and ideally a link to it AND a photo of one of one of your discs on a ruler. (see below) and I will advise you on what to buy, you can email me at

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