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Apple Sage Bath Bomb (Apple Sage fragrance)

The Apple Sage Bath Bomb is an irresistible addition to your bath routine. Filled with brightly coloured embeds, it creates a stunning rainbow effect in your tub. Infused with the delightful Apple Sage fragrance, it fills your bath with a sweet and earthy aroma that is both calming and refreshing. As you soak, the bath bomb fizzes and foams, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. Indulge in the ultimate bath experience with our Apple Sage Bath Bomb.


These bath bombs are wrapped in a recyclable wrapper.


Apple Sage Fragrance - A refreshing mix of sweet, juicy apple and spicy sage. Top notes of pineapple blend with a hint of coconut and a rich earthy base. This scent is sweet, fresh, and simply delicious!


The price is for 1 bath bomb

Apple Sage Bath Bomb (Apple Sage fragrance)

  • Prepare your bath, unwrap and place the bath bomb gently in a tub of warm water and enjoy.

    For external use only.

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