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Examples of Mould Blocks to reduce capacity of silicon soap moulds

Note: Mould blocks are only available to customers who already own the embed mould that they relate to, or have it added to their cart in the same order as the mould block.  


Mould blocks have been created to help you make the correct size embed each time, if your embed mould is longer than your soap mould you are likely to be wasting soap each time you pour an embed. 


The mould block is simply placed inside the embed mould before you pour to shorten your mould to the length required.


Mould blocks are available for all I Dream In Soap embed moulds. They are made to the size you want to get your perfect length embed.


How to order

Measure the amount you would like to reduce your embed length by, bear in mind that it's always good to have a little spare to allow trimming of the ends of the embed. 

Mould blocks are charged per cm, select the appropriate length from the drop-down box in the order field.


All moulds sold by I Dream in Soap are protected by copyright. the mould can be used to make soaps both for personal use and for sale, however, the mould itself cannot be copied / replicated without the express permission of I Dream in soap.

Embed mould blocks


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