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Luxury handmade soap embeds created using Goat embed mould

Goat shaped embed mould.  This mould, like our other moulds has an imprinted image of the embed on the outside of the mould so that it can be easily identified and help when pouring so that you know which way round your embed is. The mould is also provided with a scraper, this is to slightly shape the back of the embed if required. If you want to place the goat against the side of your soap mould then don't scrape, if you would like the goat in the middle of your soap this adds a more pleasing finish.


The mould will produce an embed 32cm (12.5 inches) long, allowing trimming to fit the most popular size loaf moulds. The embed will be approximately 5cm tall and 5cm wide (2" tall and 2" wide).


This mould is made with platinum cured silicone to ensure excellent heat resistance, no shrinkage and a long life.


Suitable for both cold process and melt and pour soaps.


All moulds sold by I Dream in Soap are protected by copyright. the mould can be used to make soaps both for personal use and for sale, however, the mould itself cannot be copied / replicated without the express permission of I Dream in soap.

Goat embed mould and scraper


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