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Liner Clips (Set of 2 clips)

Clips are sold in pairs,  if you need 2 clips you will just need 1 set, if you need 4 then order 2 sets.


Do you have one of those pesky floppy silicone liners? Liner clips can make your life easier, holding your liner securely to your mould allowing you to pour your soap with ease, Once poured the clips can simply be removed.


How to measure and order:

Measurement 1 - Thickness of mould and liner combined (see photo 4 above)

Measurement 2 - How far from the top of your mould is the top of your silicone liner (if the liner is level with the top of the mould just write 0)

Measurement 3 - How long do you want your clips? If you're not sure, try taping your mold with various lengths of tape to see what holds the liner the best, you may find that 2 short clips on a side of the mould work better than one long clip.

Once you know what you want, select the length of clip from the drop-down menu.



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Liner Clips (Set of 2 clips)


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