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Monster truck bath bomb (Avobath)

Woohoo, monster trucks, what fun!!! These bombs have brightly coloured embeds to create a rainbow effect in your bath.

Our bath bombs float and foam and fragrance your bath with a wonderful scent. Made with cocoa butter and Kaolin clay to make your skin feel wonderful after your bath. Why not relax and indulge yourself?

These bath bombs are wrapped in a recyclable wrapper. 


Avobath fragrance 

Similar in style to the popular bath bomb high street retailer. A sweet herbal blend of bergamot and lemongrass.


Minimum weight 150g. The price is for 1 bath bomb

Monster truck bath bomb (Avobath)

  • Prepare your bath, unwrap and place the bath bomb gently in a tub of warm water and enjoy.

    For external use only.

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