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Array of 6 examples of Shower Sensations

These amazing little bars of fun really live up to their name, turning your shower into a sensational 

Available in 4 wonderful fragrances, please select from the drop down list below.

Shower Sensations have some similarities to a bath bomb, but they have been specially formulated for use in the shower.
Each Shower Sensation will last for several showers, either break a portion off of the bar before use or use the whole bar, just like you would with soap, then leave the remaining portion in a dry area between uses.
Use the Shower Sensation in a similar way to bar soap, wetting it under the running water and rubbing all over your body.
The Shower Sensation will create a gently exfoliating wash with an amazing foamy bubbly lather and wonderful fragrance. Rub the thick fragranced foam all over your body then rinse, leaving your skin feeling wonderful.
Why not try one, you will be amazed.


Weight 95g price is for 1 Shower Sensation


Please note - these are not the same as some products advertised as ‘Shower Bombs’ or 'Shower Steamers'. Shower Bombs and steamers cannot be used on the body, and should only be sold as an aromathery product.

I Dream in Soap Shower Sensations are  formulated for body use and are fully cosmetically certified.

Shower Sensations

  • All of our shower are packed in recyclable shrink wrap with a card/paper label.