Large extruder

The I Dream In Soap Large extruder.


This has been developed with soap makers in mind.


  • The end cap has an exit hole much larger than the sausage/caulk guns you can buy on the market. Allowing for a huge range of disc designs and embed sizes.
  • The extruder tube is made from aluminium, making it super strong. Whilst aluminium is not normally advised for soap making as it can react with the lye it is perfectly fine for use with soap dough, as it is already saponified, meaning no lye remains. In fact all of the small extruders available and widely used by soapmakers (Makins, Walnut Hollow and the ones available from Amazon are all made of aluminium and used consistently without issue)

The I Dream In Soap extruder also comes with a disc adapter, meaning you can even use your existing discs with this large extruder, saving you endlessly refilling those small extruders.
Photos at the end show some soaps I have made with a large extruder.


Please choose your disc adapter size from the drop down menu, you should choose the size that corresponds to existing discs you own. If you have more than one size of disc extra adapters can be bought here.


Please note, you are likely to find that some soap dough remains on the inside of the extruder tube as the plunger is pushed. If you are swapping colours or want to clean the inside of the tube easily you can line the tube with some acetate sheet. Cut a piece of acetate to fit the length of the tube, roll it up and drop into the tube, it will open up and fit around the inside of the tube, this can then be lifted out for easy cleaning. 



Large extruder